25 augustus 2010

Eyeko Ambassador

Hi everybody, I'm officialy an Eyeko ambassador! Yay! For the ones who don't know what or who Eyeko is, it's an brand (Eyeko stands for Love in Japanese) and also a site where they sell there beauty products. They come from England, London exacly. Shipping is free and it's not very expensive. For nailpolish you'll pay around the 4 euros (3.50 pounds) so that not expensive.

You can also buy a set with 5 colours for 14 pounds. And they sell also eyeliner pens, mascara, colour pencils, cream's with highlighter and a lot more! So take a look at there site: www.eyeko.com and if you use this code: E10780, you'll get a free gift at your order! And I'll also get a little commission ;-) Oh and I'm gonna order this four beautiful nailpolishes if Paypal is working again. Can't wait!

4 reacties:

Mayke zei

zij hebben inderdaad zulke leuke spulletjes! mooie kleurtjes.

Denise zei

Heel schattig! Mooie kleurtjes ook.

Mirre zei

echt mooie kleurtjes! Kan je die rain polish los bestellen?! XX

Maika zei


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