26 april 2011

FOOD | Another normal day

Today I had classes till 2 am so I decided to make a cake. In England they call it cheesecake but in the Netherlands it's called 'kwarktaart'; the cake isn't made of cheese but it's made of quark. I could better call it a quarkcake, which is the exactly translation of 'kwarktaart'. Ok, first I forgot to buy whipping cream so I went back to the supermarket. It took so long before my cake was ready (to eat) cause I had to take pictures by every step.. I'm too lazy to make it with my own recipe so I followed the inscription on the back of the package but you can make the cake easily self. I'll put the link downhere.

What you will need: one pack of Dr. Oetker Kwarktaartmix, liquid whipping cream (250 ml), quark (500 ml), water (400 ml) and butter (60 grams).
First you'll make the bottom of the cake. Melt the butter and add the bottommix (crumbled biscuit) in a pan. Mix the butter and the bottommix together. Remove the pan from the stove. Put the crumbled biscuit/butter in the spring cake tin and press it down firmly and evenly. Leave it in the fridge for 10 minutes.
In 10 minutes you'll make the quark part of the cake. Add the quarkmix, quark, whipping cream and water in a bowl and mix it together for 2 minutes.
Remove the spring cake tin from the fridge. All you have to do now is adding the quarkmix into the cake tin. Spread the mix evenly. Put the cake tin for 2 hours in the fridge and your cake is done! Very simple, right?

If you want to make it self, here is a recipe to help you out: http://www.smulweb.nl/1124900/koken/recept/Aardbeienkwarktaart

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Younique zei

Ziet er lekker uit :D

Anoniem zei

Dat ziet er heerlijk uit <3
Liefs, xxx

Maika zei

Looks delicious! :)

Jet♥ zei

dat is zooo lekker!

Esther zei

Dit is zo lekker! En mooie foto's erbij :)

The white cabbage zei

lekker ....and gezelling ! ( I know just 2 words of Dutch)nice blog

come for a visit, and if you like sign as follower...I'll do back

ciao ave

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