17 mei 2011

BEAUTY | Rimmel London 367 Bare Necessities

I bought this nailpolish from Rimmel London a while ago. I was looking for a beautiful nude/light mocca colour but I was too lazy to order one (like Saint Tropez from Essie). So I stepped into the Etos (a Dutch drugstore) and I saw this beautiful colour. It was the perfect colour and the last one as well! I really like the name, Bare Necessities. At home I tried it on my nails and here is the result:

The brush is very thick and wide so you can sweep it easily on your nails. It's called the Revolutionaire Maxi Brush. Two layers are enough to cover your nails. It dries very quickly. The only not-so-good thing is that the nail polish chips very fast. In two days 2 of my nails chipped.. But there's .. ml in the bottle so you can remove the old nail polish and put a new layer on. Oh, I almost forgot to say but I noticed the colour of this nail polish has a beautiful shiny layer on my nails. You can buy this nail polish at (almost) every drugstore for €6,95 or you can order it at drogisterij.net.

15 mei 2011

PURCHASES | Some new shoes

Wednesday before I had my week off (school), I went to Alkmaar. I bought there two shoes. One of them are a pair of black boots and the other one are sandals. The black boots is black and has a zipper on one side. I love this one cause the model is kept very simple. I bought the black boots at H&M Divided. The sandals has a lovely stone on top. I bought this one at Nelson, a Dutch shop. The brand is Marco Tozzi. I love the colour of the sandals, it's a beige/nude pinkish colour. First I couldn't choose between this colour of black, but I liked this one more cause I think the stone matched better with a light colour.

14 mei 2011


I ordered these items from the H&M online shop. Some of them are from the new collection, like the black jumpsite. I love the ruffle detail on top. I finally found a straw fedora hat with a black bow around it. I'm so happy that I ordered the hat 'cause it's now sold out. I was looking for light yellow nailpolish and I didn't expect H&M has one in their beauty collection. Down here you see some bikini's. As you can see, i love bandeau bikinis. Hope they'll arrive soon!

I saw this picture on Tumblr and since then I have to have this! I love the light apricot colour!

PURCHASES | Must stop with shopping

Last Friday I went to Hoofddorp. I wanted to go there since the Primark has been opened in Hoofddorp. I have discovered that there were more nice shops there, like two H&M's, Nelson, Vero Moda, SPS Superstar and much more. One thing I've learned is that I'm not going back to Primark for the second time. It was so crowded, didn't smell very well, everywhere you look, you'll see shirts or shoes laying on the ground.. But the good news is that I've bought some items at Primark (and at H&M). I've ordered two dresses at ASOS two weeks ago but I have received it on Friday as well. Further I have bought two kinds of shoes in Alkmaar. A pair of black ankle boots and beige embellished sandals but I'll show you that in other post. I really think I should stop shopping.. Scroll down to see the pictures.

Light pink dress - ASOS // Striped top - H&M // Floral scarf - H&M // Light grey scraf - Primark // Black sandals - Primark
10 mei 2011

INSPIRATION | It's about the details

Photo's from www.tumblr.com

AD | Word een echte DareDevil en win!

Libresse lanceerde (letterlijk!) vorige week de eerste DareDevil in attractiepark Duinrell in Wassenaar, namelijk als een human canonball. Voor aan de lancering echt was begonnen, dansten honderden meiden en DareDevil-danseressen samen op het nummer ‘I got a feeling’ van de Black Eyed Peas. Daarna kon het aftellen beginnen. De eerste DareDevil maakte een geweldige vlucht en landde zelfverzekerd. Een spectaculaire stunt om alle meiden te laten weten dat er iets nieuws is. Nieuwe Libresse Day&Night maandverband en The DareDevil game!

Met de 24-uur bescherming van Libresse Day&Night maandverband durf je alles aan! Libresse Day&Night heeft niet alleen 14 maandverbandjes voor overdag maar ook vijf maandverbandjes speciaal voor de nacht, zodat jij je 24 uur per dag zeker en beschermd voelt. Daag daarom nu jezelf en al jouw vriendinnen uit voor The DareDevil game. Doe dingen die je eerst niet durfde! Imiteer een celebrity, ‘like’ iemand op hyves of facebook die je leuk vindt!

Ga dus vandaag nog naar thedaredevilgame.nl, log in met je hyves of facebook account en daag je vriendinnen uit! Doe zoveel mogelijk dares en maak kans op leuke prijzen! Win bijvoorbeeld een jaarabonnement op een tijdschrift, een iPod Touch of mooie prijzen van goSupermodel.

Durf en doe mee op www.thedaredevilgame.nl

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5 mei 2011

SOCIAL MEDIA | Visit my Tumblr!

Of course I write about things what inspires me on my blog but sometimes I prefer to post pictures without any texts. I have changed my personal Tumblr into a inspirational/reblog Tumblr. I noticed that it's much more easier to keep it up. If the picture is made by me, I'll tag it as personal. Most of the things I reblog are fashion related things, like outfits! If you like what you see.. You are free to follow! ;-)

Click here to go to my Tumblr!

AD | WE Fashion on tour met Krystl!

Laatst heb ik iets geschreven over de WE Festival collectie. Nu heeft WE nog een andere campagne, genaamd: WE Fashion on tour met Krystl. Krystl is een Nederlandse singer-songwriter. Zij gaat in de maand mei een tour maken met een speciale caravan. Krystl treedt op 21 mei op in de WE Store Amsterdam Leidsestraat, op 26 mei in de WE Store Antwerpen Meir en op 28 mei in de WE Store Hamburger Meile.

Alsof dat al niet leuk genoeg is, ontvangen alle klanten bij besteding van €50,-, een speciale Krystl-WE album gedurende de actieperiode. Plus je maakt ook kant op een huiskamerconcert door Krystl! Zie www.wefashion.com voor meer informatie en de actievoorwaarden.

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1 mei 2011

PERSONAL | A lazy Sunday

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I love latte macchiatos!

I hope the Dutch readers had a great queensday! I know mine was. I had a great time in Amsterdam. It's was very sunny but there was a strong wind so I didn't know what to wear that morning. Finally, I choose for a black shirt and cardigan. If it would get hot, I could take my cardigan off. Today I feel like doing nothing. I shoot some pictures and I didn't want to bore you so I post a outfit photo which I wore last weekend.
New BlackBerryMy new BlackBerry in black and white
I almost forgot to tell you that I've got a new BlackBerry! The first one broke so I send it back to a T-Mobile repair center but they didn't accepted it. They said the Blackberry broke because of my fault but that wasn't true. T-Mobile gave me a second opinion. I could send my phone to an other repair center, if they say my phone didn't broke because of my fault, T-mobile pay the costs for repairing. Lucky me T-Mobile send my a new one, even better! I couldn't believe it (and I didn't expect it) when I saw the package last Thursday. I have waited two months but it's all worth it!
Outfit with Easter
This is the outfit I wore with Easter. The beige short is from H&M and the black loose top from Zara. It's very simple but I like that! Sorry for the watermark but I noticed people used my photo's and are claiming it's theirs. If you want to use my photo, please link back to my blog or Tumblr.

I hope you all have a great Sunday!

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