1 mei 2011

PERSONAL | A lazy Sunday

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I love latte macchiatos!

I hope the Dutch readers had a great queensday! I know mine was. I had a great time in Amsterdam. It's was very sunny but there was a strong wind so I didn't know what to wear that morning. Finally, I choose for a black shirt and cardigan. If it would get hot, I could take my cardigan off. Today I feel like doing nothing. I shoot some pictures and I didn't want to bore you so I post a outfit photo which I wore last weekend.
New BlackBerryMy new BlackBerry in black and white
I almost forgot to tell you that I've got a new BlackBerry! The first one broke so I send it back to a T-Mobile repair center but they didn't accepted it. They said the Blackberry broke because of my fault but that wasn't true. T-Mobile gave me a second opinion. I could send my phone to an other repair center, if they say my phone didn't broke because of my fault, T-mobile pay the costs for repairing. Lucky me T-Mobile send my a new one, even better! I couldn't believe it (and I didn't expect it) when I saw the package last Thursday. I have waited two months but it's all worth it!
Outfit with Easter
This is the outfit I wore with Easter. The beige short is from H&M and the black loose top from Zara. It's very simple but I like that! Sorry for the watermark but I noticed people used my photo's and are claiming it's theirs. If you want to use my photo, please link back to my blog or Tumblr.

I hope you all have a great Sunday!

17 reacties:

Sharona zei

Leuke outfit!

Jelka zei

Je short is geweldig!

www.glamourblog.tk zei

Je short!! Zo mooi! Erg leuk meid, ik volg je xx

Bella Donna zei

ahhhhhh die eerste foto is echt cute haha

Anoniem zei

Hele leuke outfit. Ik heb die blackberry in het wit, het is zo fijne telefoon.
Liefs, xxx

Denise zei

Wat een leuke post :). Leuke outfit had je met Pasen aan. Ook tof dat je in Amsterdam bent geweest gisteren!

joana zei


Maika zei

Leuke post om te lezen :D

Anoniem zei

Leeuke post & mooi outfit. xx

Janna' zei

love je outfit,
leuke blog! (:


Essiefashion zei

Super mooie outfit :D
Bedankt voor je lieve reactie en dat je me volgt!
Jij hebt ook een leuke blog, ik ga je ook volgen :D

jemu zei

Ik zag dat je deze short van H&M kwam,
is dat dezelfde die op de site staat voor 19,95?

Anoniem zei

Great phone!! Hope you had a fab qday!!

please visit: http://www.noboundariesjustseams.blogspot.com/

x A.

sngthanh- zei

leuke foto's, dat shortje is erg cute!

Yvette zei

ontzettend mooie foto's!
Mag ik wat vragen? Hoe heb jij die banner van Asos op je blog gekregen!?


Nagellakverkoop zei

wauw love je short en je bb! (L)

Yvette zei

Super bedankt voor de tip! Hoe bevalt Zanox jou? Krijg je er goed voor betaald? Ik heb me nu aangemeld en wacht nu de goedkeuring van een aantal bedrijven af..

Ik volg je trouwens!


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