17 mei 2011

BEAUTY | Rimmel London 367 Bare Necessities

I bought this nailpolish from Rimmel London a while ago. I was looking for a beautiful nude/light mocca colour but I was too lazy to order one (like Saint Tropez from Essie). So I stepped into the Etos (a Dutch drugstore) and I saw this beautiful colour. It was the perfect colour and the last one as well! I really like the name, Bare Necessities. At home I tried it on my nails and here is the result:

The brush is very thick and wide so you can sweep it easily on your nails. It's called the Revolutionaire Maxi Brush. Two layers are enough to cover your nails. It dries very quickly. The only not-so-good thing is that the nail polish chips very fast. In two days 2 of my nails chipped.. But there's .. ml in the bottle so you can remove the old nail polish and put a new layer on. Oh, I almost forgot to say but I noticed the colour of this nail polish has a beautiful shiny layer on my nails. You can buy this nail polish at (almost) every drugstore for €6,95 or you can order it at drogisterij.net.

18 reacties:

Maika zei

I love that colour too! My favourite at the moment ♥

Maika zei

Haha of course you can borrow my feather necklace. I need to tell you something.. X

Anoniem zei

Gorgeous colour <3 It's really pretty :)

Essiefashion zei

Echt een super mooie kleur :D

beautyforgirls zei

Wat een mooi lakje.
Liefs, xxx

About me zei

Heel mooi kleurtje!

Younique zei

Echt een heel mooi nude kleurtje! X

Stiene S. zei

Mooi kleurtje! x


Interesting blog! :)
ciao ciao from Rome


Hannah Michelle zei

Oh what a gorgeous colour, I really want to buy this now! xx

El zei

Oh my, I love this color! Gotta run to a store to find it (if we have it here, in the States).



Kate L. zei

I love this color. I had a pedicure(red wine color) last Sunday too. Have a nice day!

Fashion Cat

Aimée zei

Mooi kleurtje!

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sngthanh- zei

oh wauw, wat een mooie kleur!

Jet♥ zei

wauw heel mooi!

Alma zei

The color is gorgeous!
I love Rimmel nailpolish :)


Cait zei

I've also been looking for a light mocha colour like that Essie one! I will have to look out for Rimmel's.

Evi zei

mooi kleurtje ! ♥

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