8 juni 2011

SHOP MY CLOSET | Beige dress from ASOS

It's the first time I'm doing a "Shop my closet" post. Yesterday I took pictures from clothes I don't wear or don't wear anymore. I decided to put this dress on my blog for today. It's a dress from ASOS. I've been waiting so long for this dress but unfortunately it didn't fit me well. That was a real bummer. It was also too late for sending the dress back so it was hanging in my closet for a long time. I didn't even cut the pricetag off. It's a size UK 6 (for the European people, it's size 34/XS). The dress has lovely buttons on the shoulder and a beautiful round open back. The sleeves are open, what the reason was for me to order this dress! There's also a tailleband which is very nice. I bought this dress for €55,-. I want to sell this dress for €35,-. For questions, you can contact me at cindy.ngn@live.nl and I'll answer your question as soon as possible.

Item: Beige dress
Brand: ASOS
Size: UK 6
State: Never worn
Price: €35,-
Pay option: Paypal or for the Dutch people, overschrijving.

Shipping inside NL: €7,-
Shipping inside EU: €13,-
Shipping outside EU: €25,- (€17,- without Track&Trace)

For questions, more photos or interest, you can contact me at cindy.ngn@live.nl and I'll answer your question as soon as possible.

8 reacties:

Essiefashion zei

Suuuper mooi :D maar dat is een beetje te wijd voor mij ;)

beautyforgirls zei

Leuk hoor.
Liefs, xxx

Sharona zei

Wauw echt mooi! Maar denk ook niet dat hij mij zal staan :(

Elin zei

Heel leuk jurkje! ik verwacht niet dat die erg mooi bij me zou staan.. helaas xxx

Erin zei

That is such a shame that this dress didn't work for you! It's beautiful and you would look so pretty in this color!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!



Younique zei

Prachtig ♥ Maar zo'n model staat me niet :(

mirjam schuurkamp! zei

super leuk!
had ik die maat maar;)
anders wou ik hem zeker wel!

New outfit post:

Simona zei

aaaah I want that dress, you lucky girl! :) It's gorgeous!

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