31 juli 2011

SOCIAL MEDIA | New twitteraccount!

I've just created a new twitteraccount. I wanted to create one account for my blog as well so everyone can follow me now! First I wanted to name my twitter yourstrulycindy but someone else has already used the name so I thought yourstrulycin would be nice too. So you can follow me from now on, at @yourstrulycin :)

OUTFIT | Waterfall cardigan

For today I've made up another outfit 'cause I was bored.. I wore this outfit yesterday. Just because I didn't go to something important I kept the look very simple. The weather was a bit sad and it was about to rain, like you can see in the photos, so it was the great time to wear my beige jacket from Zara. I don't wear this jacket much 'cause I can't lock the jacket. The buttons are so fragile. They are stuck with a few strings. Because I can not lock my jacket I wanted to wear something notable under. I've choosen for my lovely waterfall cardigan from ASOS.

Ik had deze outfit gister aan. Ik hield het simpel omdat ik niet naar iets belangrijks ging. Het weer was, zoals gewoonlijk, somber en er hing overal grijze wolken. Omdat de zon niet scheen besloot ik om mijn military jacket van de Zara aan te trekken. Ik kan de jas niet dicht doen omdat de knoopjes erg los zitten. De knoopjes zijn vast gemaakt aan een paar draadjes. Ik moest de jas dus opendragen en wou dus iets opvallends eronder dragen. Ik besloot om mijn waterfall cardigan van ASOS aan te doen. Dat geeft wel een leuk detail aan de hele outfit!

28 juli 2011

OUTFIT | D'accord

After I have finished work I came out the store noticing that it was such a beautiful weather! So I couldn't wait to go home and make a new outfit post. I've chosen for the colours: beige, black and white. You can see my beloved Mulberry Bayswater as well. I wore a blazer 'cause after I have shooted the pictures I had to run off to the city. I have had a dinner there with some friends! I love when the sun is shining like this in Holland. Mostly, the weather looks a bit sad and it's raining very often. So I'm happy that I grab the chance to shoot some pictures.

Nadat ik uit mijn werk kwam, merkte het mij op dat het echt een prachtige dag was! Ik moet vaak vroeg opstaan dus meestal weet ik niet hoe het weer zich ontwikkeld in de loop van de dag. Ik kon niet wachten om naar huis te gaan want dan kon ik foto's maken voor een nieuwe outfit post. Ik heb gekozen voor de kleuren beige, zwart en wit. Je kunt zien dat ik echt gek ben op mijn tas! Het is echt de perfecte tas qua kleur, maat en vorm. Op een dag zal de échte Mulberry Bayswater in mijn bezit zijn..


25 juli 2011

OUTFIT | Looklet: Joyful nudes

I've checked the looklet site before but that was a while ago. I thought by myself, why should I make outfits that looks unreal but I discovered that it's pretty fun. When it's rainy outside, I can post a looklet outfit for you guys. So I hope you'll get inspired by my first look that I have created! I love to play with nude coloured items which is made from different fabrics like satin and suède. Has some of you lovely visitors looklet as well?


Link to this outfit
24 juli 2011

PURCHASES | One tone of Hawaiian Blue


Last Wednesday I went to Amsterdam with my sister. Since she has earn her money by, I don't know what, she wanted to go with me to Amsterdam. It turned out to be a really fun day! She gave me good advice and is a good stylist. She knows all the ins and outs and she makes good outfits for me. My sister is more up to date in fashionland than I am.. One day she will be a good stylist, I think! ;-) I haven't bought that much in Amsterdam but I'm still happy with what I do have bought!

With love, Cindy

23 juli 2011

PURCHASES | Coral and white tones

Every year when it's near summer, I search for the perfect bikini. This year I wanted a coral bikini. I saw at H&M a very lovely light coral toned bikini but it annoys me that my size is always out of stock. So I looked on other webshops and I saw this beautiful bikini top and the perfect bikini bottom at Asos. I love to mix a bikini "outfit" up so I thought it would be nice if I had a white bikini top and a coral bikini bottom. The white bandeau top has a lovely bow on it. The coral bikini bottom has two bows on each side which I really love. It goes nicely with my nail colour as well (I scream peach from Catrice)! When I get bored I can easily change the bikini set. For example, I can buy another bikini bottom, like a turquoise coloured one. I'm really happy with my bikini set!

The bikini top can be found HERE.

Zoals ieder jaar, zocht ik heel het internet af naar de perfecte bikini set. Voor dit jaar wou ik een koraal-kleurige bikini. Ik zag bij de H&M een hele leuke licht koraal-kleurige bikini maar iedere keer, als ik op de webshop keek, was mijn maat uitverkocht! Dat vond ik erg irritant en om elke ochtend vroeg op te staan, zag ik ook niet zitten. Uiteindelijk zag ik op ASOS de perfecte bikini top en broek! De bikini top is wit en heeft een mooie strik met lange uiteinden erop. Het broekje is van French Connection en heeft aan beide kanten elk een strikje. Ik ben echt heel blij met mijn bikini setje!

22 juli 2011

WISHLIST | My jewelry wants

I just love the golden details these two beauties has. I have always wanted a golden watch which I can wear very often. I think that every blogger should have this well known ring of Yves Saint Laurent. This is the "glass-texture" version which I like better than the stone/dino egg patern. I haven't seen this colour often and I think the colour is in real life even more beautiful. Because of the glass-texture you'll see a sort of 3D-effect in the ring. Both items are very classy as well and it goes with almost every outfit. Hopefully, they will be mine soon!

Ik had altijd al een gouden horloge willen hebben (nog steeds!). Ik zag op Tumblr en Flickr veel horloges voorbij komen van Michael Kors en Fossil. Ik vind zelf de horloges van Michael Kors toch net iets mooier. Ik vind dat een (gouden) horloge overal bij past en het maakt een outfit af. Ik heb liever een gouden kleur dan zilver omdat zilver nogal "koud" bij mij staat. Goud geeft meer een warm effect en ik heb veel kledingstukken in aardetinten. Een hele poos terug had ik een wishlist gemaakt met daarin de bekende Yves Saint Laurent ring. Daarin kon ik geen keuze maken tussen khaki en coral. Uiteindelijk heb ik niet daaruit kunnen kiezen en ben ik voor roze gegaan. Deze ring heeft een glas textuur wat ik veel mooier vind dan de dino-ei/steen textuur. Door de glas textuur krijgt de steen, in de ring, een mooi 3D-effect. Je krijgt ook donkere en lichtere tinten (roze) als, bijvoorbeeld, de zon erop schijnt. Beide items zijn erg classy en passen bij (bijna) elke outfit. Ik hoop dat ik snel de trotse bezitter ben van deze twee pronkstukken!

RANDOM | Things we all do

After I saw this post on Cathinthecity (my favourite blogger!), I decided to make my own one. It's funny to see that other people have the same issues as me so I'm not the only one hihi. Have you seen something here which we have in common? Please let me know by leaving me a comment :-)If you want to see more or make your own one: click here.
18 juli 2011

FOOD | Moroccan Coconut Truffles

I've searched on the internet for good recipes what I can make during this summer break. I saw a video with how you can make a moroccan coconut truffle. I was interest in that because I love coconut (flakes)! It's also very simple to make it yourself at home. You'll only need three ingredients: coconut flakes, condensed milk and almonds (or other nuts, I prefer almonds). You can buy these ingredients in every toko or supermarket.

First of all, for the delicious taste of your truffle, you'll need to "bake" the coconut flakes. It will take 5 minutes and it must be a beige colour. After that you add the coconut flakes (not all of it 'cause you'll need it for later when you dip the truffle in the coconut flakes) to a bowl. Add some condensed milk into the bowl ans stir gentle. When you think the coconut dough gets too sticky, add more coconut flakes. Now you grab some coconut dough and make round balls with your hands. Then you have to put the almond in the middle of the ball. Lastly, dip the sticky ball into the coconut flakes which you have left-over and you're done!

Ik zocht naar lekkere recepten op het internet dat ik kan maken in de vakantie. Toen kwam ik op Youtube een video tegen waarin wordt uitgelegd hoe je Marokkaanse kokos truffels maakt. Dat wou ik zelf uitproberen want ik hou van kokos! Het is heel simpel om te maken. Je hebt maar drie ingrediënten nodig. Namelijk: fijne kokos, gesuikerde melk en amandelen. Je kunt ook andere noten gebruiken maar ik vind amandelen het lekkerst. De ingrediënten kun je halen bij elke toko of supermarkt.

Als eerste moet je de fijne kokos in een pan bakken zodat je truffel straks een heerlijke geur en smaak krijgt. Het duurt ongeveer 5 minuten en je moet zorgen dat de kokos licht gekleurd wordt. Dan doe je de kokos in een schaal en voeg er (beetje bij beetje) gesuikerde melk toe. Zorg er wel voor dat je een beetje kokos overhoudt om de truffels erin te dippen. Het kan zijn dat het erg plakkerig wordt maar dat is niet erg. Voeg er dan meer kokos aan toe. Als je alles goed hebt gemixt, pak je een klein beetje kokosdeeg en maak er kleine balletjes van. Plaats in elke bal een amandel en rol de bal door de overgebleven fijne gebakken kokos. Eet smakelijk!

This is the how to-video:

12 juli 2011

WEBSHOP TIP | Lipsy London

Lipsy London is a webshop where they sell items of their own brand but also from other brands. They sell various items like accessoires, dresses, playsuits and jeans. The other brands are, for example, Killah, Religion, Disney Couture and much more! I actually love everything on their webshop. It's so feminine and the fabrics are so beautiful. They use a lot of chiffon, which I really love, but I love the prints and embellishments as well. The only negative aspect is that is a little expensive. Besides that, it's a great and lovely webshop! I would definitely order their something one day..

Link to the shop: http://www.lipsy.co.uk

11 juli 2011

OUTFIT | Leather Shorts

Finally! A new outfit blogpost. It was a while ago since I've done a outfit post but the weather was so nice today. Because of the weather I wanted to wear some shorts but I didn't know which one. I haven't wore this leather shorts before so I decided to wear this. It's also very comfortable when you want to spend a day outside. Today I'm going to the city to buy a present for a friend. She is giving a Italien party tonight so I'm very excited!

Beige Chiffon Blazer - H&M
Black Loose Top - Zara
Black Leather Shorts - Asos

Black Sandals - Primark
Mulberry Bayswater inspired bag - Gaby's shop online
Nailpolish colour - "I Scream Peach!" from Catrice
10 juli 2011

PURCHASES | Paris buys

Six weeks ago I went to Paris and in a post I wrote that I will show you the purchases later but I forgot to make a blogpost about it. Shame on me. So here it is. This is what I have bought in Paris. I was a little disappointed that we didn't go to the well known shopping malls or streets. Instead of that, we went to St. Michel and Les Halles. Les Halles was a great shopping mall but it has not very special shops. St. Michel was horrible. It was not a place for shopping 'cause everywhere you looked, you could see a restaurant. Anyway, I really love Paris! Je veux retourner à Paris!

Zes weken geleden ben ik naar Parijs geweest. In een blogpost van een tijdje geleden had ik gezegd dat ik de aankoopjes snel zal laten zien. Ik was dat dus vergeten te doen.. Ik heb nu alsnog een blogpostje getypt met foto's van mijn aankopen. Ik was een beetje teleurgesteld dat we niet naar bekende winkelcentra of straatjes gingen. In plaats daarvan gingen we naar St. Michel en Les Halles. Les Halles was een leuke winkelcentrum maar had niet echt speciale shops. St Michel was niet zo leuk. Het is meer een buurt waar je lekker ergens een hapje kon eten. Overal waar je keek zag je wel een crêperie of een pizzaria. Ik blijf in elk geval Parijs een mooie en romantische stad vinden. Het is namelijk ook een echte modestad!

First of all I wanted to show you my new oversized coral top from ONLY which I have bought this week.

This is a brown-greyish strapless top from Naf Naf. I love the ruffles on top!

As you can see, i love ruffles. I haven't got a cream ruffle top so I bought one at Zara. I also love the zipper at the back.

This is a cream crochet gilet. I bought this item 'cause I thought that it goes nicely with the cream ruffle top.

Lastly, I have bought a black high waisted short at H&M. I love the fabric!

I have also bought a black jumpsuit at Promod and a beige short at Zara but when I came at home and tried it back on again, it didn't fit me very well so I want to sell those two items.

9 juli 2011

BEAUTY | Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Last week I've ordered the well known Natural Eye Palette of Too Faced from Asos. I didn't know Asos sells this palette untill I searched for this palette and came on their webshop. When I was in Paris, I was looking for this palette but there were some cirgumstances so that's why I haven't bought it there. Yesterday I received the package and I couldn't wait to swatch them! O-M-G, the eyeshadows are so pigmented and I love the box and the cards! I love this whole palette! My favorite colour is "Honeypot". It's a golden metallic colour with a lot of shimmer in it.

Vorige week had ik een bekende palette besteld van Too Faced, namelijk de Natural Eye Palette. Ik heb hem besteld via Asos.com. Ik wist eerst niet dat Asos zulke palettes verkochten maar door het te googlen, kwam ik bij hun webshop terecht. Toen ik in Parijs was, moest ik deze palette vinden en kopen maar doordat onze begeleiders ons lieten shoppen in niet zulke bekende plaatsen, heb ik geen Sephora kunnen vinden dus heb ik deze palette niet meegenomen. Gister kwam de Natural Eye palette binnen en ik kon niet wachten om het te swatchen. Ik was echt benieuwd hoe die in het echt eruit zag. Ik was echt verrast toen ik de oogschaduw kleurtjes ging swatchen. Ze waren zo erg gepigmenteerd! Ik vind het doosje en de kaartjes ook erg leuk! Het ziet er gewoon luxe and mooi uit. Mijn favoriete kleur is zeker weten "Honeypot". Het is een gouden metallic kleur met veel shimmer.

P.S I would be so grateful if you could vote for my dress, vote here!

8 juli 2011

PHOTO DIARY | First week of July

On Monday and Tuesday I went to school. It wasn't like a normal schoolday but to check the results of our tests of last week. So since then, I have had a few days off. In this post I'll show you some photos that I've made during this week.

Monday 4 July 2011

After checking the results of my tests I went back home again. I decided that I need a new colour on my nails. It was going to be yellow! This is Going Bananas from H&M which I've borrowed from my sister. It's a very summer-like colour.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Today I went to school 'cause it was PWS-day. Our subject is "Teen pregancy in the US". After that, I went with my best friends to the city to have some drinks. The weather was beautiful and the sun was shining.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

My first day off! In the evening I've had a BBQ with my class. It was organized by a classmate. It was a fun evening with a lot of wind.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Yay! My laptop was finally fixed! The day before I went to Paris my laptop broke.. So I couldn't edit my photos 'cause there's no photoshop on my dad's computer. I'm very glad it is working again. Now I have my documents back! Thanks to my uncle that it is fixed. :-)

Friday 8 July 2011

Today I went to school to deliver up my books. I've had a fine(?) of €12,80. I must pay for water damage of someone else.. My school has a lack of money, i think. When I came home I saw that my mother bought me some sushi. It's a pity that I don't like that 'cause it looks very delicious!
7 juli 2011

VOTE | Dress from Nelly.com

Today I've received a mail in my inbox from nelly.com. They have setted up a contest. You must design a dress and get many votes as possible so I've designed a dress as well. I wanted to create a warm effect so I've used a cream/beige color with golden details. The dress has also golden shoulderplads which I really like! So if you love this design, you can vote for me! I would really appreciate it. ;-)

6 juli 2011

PURCHASES | Mulberry Bayswater (ko)

Yay! Finally I have managed to buy this beautiful bag which I really love. It's a black Mulberry Bayswater bag and it has a (old) golden hardware. It's just the perfect bag and it goes with everything. I've wanted this bag for such a long time but I couldn't find an affordable one 'cause most of the bags I have found were over the 100 euros. Most of the time, the site looked fake as well.

Luckily I found this bag on a site from the Netherlands. I didn't know why I haven't looked there before because I do know the shop. The shop is called "Gaby's shop online" and the owner is Gaby. She sells on her webshop many knock offs like Balenciaga's, Hermès bags and a Mulberry Alexa bag, in different sizes and colours. You can pay with Paypal or Ideal and there's no shipping costs. The delivery is very fast. I have ordered this bag on a Sunday and I received it on Tuesday.So I would recommend this webshop to everyone. Take a look at yourself.

My sister loves my bag too much that so has ordered the Hermès Birkin bag from this shop so she can switch it off with mine which I don't mind at all! ;-)

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