11 september 2011

WISHLIST | Nelly shoes

Nelly has so many pretty and cheap shoes at the moment! These are my faves:

I'm going to order this beauty tomorrow! I've been craving for the Foxy's from Jeffrey Campbell for a long time but I can't afford it so luckily I found this one. They look very comfortable as well! You can find it HERE.

The perfect nude heels! I really love this one because it is made from su├Ęde. You can find it HERE.

I love the wooden heel and it's something different from what I usually would wear. You can find it HERE.
5 september 2011

EVENT | Grazia PC Catwalk 2011

Yesterday I went with my sister to Amsterdam for the Grazia PC Catwalk. The event took place in the PC Hooftstraat which is one of the most luxurious streets in Holland with shops like Chanel, Tiffany & Co, Burberry, Cartier and Gucci. The event was held for the fourth time and it was organized by fashion magazine Grazia! When we arrived there, we saw the catwalk from 320 meters with 1200 front row seats (!). On every seat was an umbrella and the Grazia magazine with a shopping guide. So if it was going to rain or not, we were prepared. The host of the event was Stacey Rookhuizen. She is also known as the presenter from Project Catwalk and the juror from X-factor. The opening act was given by Adlicious, a Dutch pop group. After a delay from 15 minutes the catwalk show began! Autumn collections of shops in this street were shown on the catwalk. The garments were worn by more than 100 models (kids as well!). Brands that participated included Replay, River Woods, Cosmic Cowboys, Armani and D&G. It was a pity that I missed the final because I had to get the train but after all it was such a fun day. Next year I'll definitely be there again!

Photographed by Maika Nguyen

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