11 september 2011

WISHLIST | Nelly shoes

Nelly has so many pretty and cheap shoes at the moment! These are my faves:

I'm going to order this beauty tomorrow! I've been craving for the Foxy's from Jeffrey Campbell for a long time but I can't afford it so luckily I found this one. They look very comfortable as well! You can find it HERE.

The perfect nude heels! I really love this one because it is made from su├Ęde. You can find it HERE.

I love the wooden heel and it's something different from what I usually would wear. You can find it HERE.

17 reacties:

Silke zei

Succes met er oplopen =)

Marloes zei

Love Nelly.com! they're so fashionable but affordable! x

Gioia zei

Het eerste paar is mijn favoriet! Love it!


Maika zei

Wauw! I think they're all so pretty. You should buy them all, hihi :D X

beautyforgirls zei

Ik vind de laatste paar schoenen ook wel heel erg leuk.
Liefs, xxx

Diary of Mia zei

like all of them!


BagsandSushi zei

In love with the first one! They have a great deal now, buy for over 75 euro's and get 20 euro's off you final price!

Like your blog girl! Following you now!



Eve ♥ zei

zo geweldig mooi ! alleen er op lopen.. haha, ik vind ze prachtig <3

Jewel zei

I love nude heels! So wanna have those!

X Sarah

Sharon zei

supermooi! helemaal mijn ding!

x Sharon

lala-rose mason. zei

Hello! I like your blog. Would you like to follow for follow? If so, follow me on www.elishayates.com when you follow, I will follow back. Promise, if I don't you can unfollow. <3 Would be nice to have such a pretty blog following mine!

Fabrizia zei

So fashionable! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Nina zei

love the second and the third shoe!

Lara-Elain zei

I basically love them all, even I would have hard times walking in them :D but the third pair is definitely my favorite :)

Ly zei

OMG I need these.



CC zei

I just went on a real shopping bananza on the nelly shoe site myself! I love all of them, maybe the second pair is my favorite..

Jan zei

Ik ben fan van de eerste en de derde!
Was je/ga je ook naar het Nelly High Heels event dan? ^^

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