14 oktober 2011

FRIDAY FAVOURITES | le 14 octobre 2011

FAVOURITE CLOTHING ITEM: Zara metallic jumper

I bought this glittery jumper at ZARA a few weeks ago. I really love this colour en the golden details. Luckily it suit me perfectly, just how I want it to be since the jumper is size L. Don't you have a clothing item as well that you want to wear it twice a week but you have to resist that?

FAVOURITE BEAUTY PRODUCT: Bourjois Healthy Mic Serum Foundation

After a lot of recommendations I decided to buy this foundation of Bourjois. I don't like to wear foundation often 'cause I'm afraid that it's not the right colour or the effect is too cakey. But this product is so good! I love the colour, it looks very natural and you don't have to use much. Oh, I like the smell as well. It's not chemically or so.

FAVOURITE SONG: Birdy - Shelter

Since this song was played in a scene of The Vampire Diaries I have been completely hooked. It's so beautiful! I also can't believe that the girl, whose singing this song, was just 12-year old when she won the American Idol. Such a talented girl!

FAVOURITE TV SERIE: The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is such a great serie about a girl whose loved by two vampires (brothers). I know you might think it's just another sci-fi serie but this is so different from others. EVERYTHING is good about this serie, the actors, the music, the scripts, the story lines and everytime when I watch a new episode I have to watch it twice 'cause a lot of thing has happened. It's so much better than Twilight. Vampires in Twilight shine in the sun while vampires in TVD burn in the sun. I can tell you, this show is not about vampires (okay, and witches and werewolves) but it's about the impossible love. A tip, don't watch it when you have to learn for your exams or mid-terms because every episode has a HUGE and unpredictable cliffhanger. Click here for the promo of season 1!

FAVOURITE BLOG: Cathrine Heienberg

This 21-year old Norwegian girl, Cathrine, has a great eye for fashion and interior desigin. I really love her style. It's very feminine, chic and I envy her for her huge heels collection! You should check her blog out!

10 reacties:

Gioia zei

Die jumper is prachtig!


Joany zei

Wat een leuke favorieten. :D

Maika zei

Leuke favorieten!! Haha dat TVD plaatje.. zo is TVD helemaal niet :p X

Chloƫ zei

mooie jumper!

beautyforgirls zei

Wat een leuke jumper.
Liefs, xxx

Kim Rompas zei

Leuke blog!

Follow me if you like.

Mani zei

The sweater looks so comfortable and chic!

Eve ♥ zei

super leuk om te lezen ! x

Ilona de Vries zei

super leuk ;-) x

Silke zei


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