25 december 2011


Hi everyone! It has been a while ago since I have posted more than one article a month.. I'm so sorry for that but I haven't got much time to make pictures, edit them and write a post. Ok. Back to the purpose of this post because today is my blog anniversary!!! My blog excist exactly 2 years today. I can't believe that time has flown so fast. This year wasn't my greatest year but I still haven't regret that I bought a domain in May this year. It has made my blog look more professional. I also got a lot more views and followers this year. I want to thank all my followers and readers for reading my blog! An anniversary isn't an anniversary without any presents. So this year you can win a knock off black YSL ring! The ring is size M (17mm). It's international so everyone can join.

What do you have to do?
- Follow my blog with GFC or Bloglovin'
- If you have Twitter, you can follow me as well
- Most important: Leave a comment with your email in it so otherwise I can't contact you.

You will have a extra chance to win, if you post this on Twitter:

"Follow @yourstrulycin - JOIN THE GIVEAWAY AND WIN A BLACK YSL RING (KO) - RT http://bit.ly/tE5yWZ "

In about 4 weeks I'll choose a winner by a random program thingy (random.org). Good luck everyone.

43 reacties:

liefsmirre zei

Hele leuke actie!

Ilaria Tomasso zei

I really would like to join this giveaway! I even posted on Twitter! :)

E-mail: ilariatomasso@gmail.com

www.glamour-blog.com zei

Ik heb alle stappen gedaan, ook getweet & jouw gevolgd :)!
Je vind je tweet bij @GLAMOURBBEY

mijn mail: glamour.bbey@gmail.com xx

Laura zei

Great giveaway! Fingers crossed

Merry Xmas late!


Denim Diva zei

Ik heb alles gedaan. Ik heb ook getweet met @Ellen_Denimdiva.

mijn mailadres: ellentje56@hotmail.com

Margaux zei

I really like this ring!
I follow you.

Misz.Aily zei

Ik heb alles gedaan en ook getweet @MiszAily. E-mail: info@shadesofsexylittlethings.com

Anoniem zei

Such a lovely ring! I don't have a Twitter account, that's a pity.. :(
My email: lisaleene@gmail.com


beautyforgirls\ zei

Wat een leuke ring ik doe mee, ik volgde je al. Mijn email adres is: beautyforgirls@hotmail.com
Liefs, xxxx

Anoniem zei

Followed on GFC and on Twitter :-) Thanks so much for the giveaway! <3

Anoniem zei

i'm interested in this giveway but i have one doubt.let's imagine it's an international reader who wins this. you will have to sent the ring to his country right? who's gonna pay that? you or the reader? thank you !

Pieces of my Wardrobe zei

omg!!! I've wanted this ring for ages! It's so beautiful!!!
Okay, I created an account on bloglovin’ just to be able to participate in this giveway! I'm now following you on bloglovin’, too bad I don't have a twitter to talk about your giveaway!
Anyway, this is my email: joana._f@hotmail.com

and thank you so so much for this opportunity!!

Elizzabeth Hope zei

I'm following you on everything! GFC, bloglovin, and twitter! :D
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
My email is Elizzabeth.Hope@aol.com


Andreea B zei

I love it!


Rachel Reyes zei

Definitely a fashion staple!


Anoniem zei

love ur blog
check and follow mine if you'd like to
kisses and huggs

Maria Nunes zei

Beautiful ring.kiss

Lívia zei

Leuk! Ik doe mee!

ik volg je op bloglovin en gfc, en ik heb geen twitter.


Annemei zei

Wauw echt leuk, ik volg je!


Anoniem zei

Geweldige ring! ;D
ik volg je op GFC en op Twitter.
mijn email; littlefashionaperitif@hotmail.com
Succes iedereen ♥

naomielizee zei

I would love to have this ring as my own! It's such a great statement piece!!


Email: takemetovogue@aol.com OR

LaceandPearls zei

Follower on GFC and twitter.


Kimberley zei

Super mooie give away! Ik volg je nu op bloglovin en twitter, want je blog is echt heel leuk:) dankje voor je leuke reactie. Hope to win this after a disaster day!

xo Kimberley | http://www.kimberleyschouten.com

Laura and Romy @ MIXT zei

Hee, ik zie het hier inderdaad dat je je nagels ook zo hebt gedaan, erg leuk hoor en die ring is amazinggg! Je hebt trouwens echt een prachtig blog! Liefs

PrncszTffny zei

Ik doe zeker mee!Superleuk
Ben je 83e bloglovin follower en heb je net gevolgd op twitter en getweet (@PrncszTffny)



WOLF359 zei

Wauw, wat een prachtige ring!
Ik volg je op Bloglovin' en op Twitter, je hebt echt een leuke blog.

x annevanderzanden@gmail.com

Claire van Leeuwen zei

Wat een fantastische giveaway! Would LOVE to win! Die ring roept: "claire, claire, claaaaaaire!!"

Ik volg je op GFC èn bloglovin. Heb alleen geen twitter.
Mijn e-mail adres is: clairevanleeuwen@hotmail.com

x Claire

Naina zei

This would be such an amazing ring to win. Always admire it and then pout cos I'm too broke haha.

MNG by MANGO giveaway


YulyaShenka zei

Follow you via GFC (YulyaShenka)
follow you via Twitter (@yulya_shenka)
tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/yulya_shenka/status/152694940315566080


Lulu zei

I follow you on Bloglovin' with this email: redalepou@yahoo.com
and Twitter: LuluFleg
Tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/LuluFleg/status/152696196052430849

Maika zei

I'm in love with that ring! So beautiful! Xxx

Mia zei

Wat een leuke giveaway!
Ik zou graag mee willen doen :)!

- Ik volg je met GFC
- Ik volg je met twitter (@mia_uw)

mijn e-mail is m.stuije@gmail.com


Anoniem zei

I love the ring! :D It's amazing, I follow you by GFC and twitter (@infinitepeace95) I posted the tweet!
Follow @yourstrulycin - JOIN THE GIVEAWAY AND WIN A BLACK YSL RING (KO) - RT bit.ly/tE5yWZ
hace 16 segundos

Thank you for the giveaway and I hope you'll post more, I LOVE your blog :)

Mariete Wijnstra zei

De YSL zijn echt prachtig!! Ik wil echt al heel lang zo een ring...
Ik volg je met GFC & Bloglovin', via Twitter @Lovely_MSW en ik heb het gepost: https://twitter.com/#!/Lovely_MSW/status/154272163547975680
Mijn e-mailadres is: fashionbymariette@gmail.com

Ik hoop heel erg dat ik win!!! :D:D:D

Liefs, Mariette

Anoniem zei

Gefeliciteerd! Ik vind jouw blog zo mooi! Ik volg je op Bloglovin' en twitter. Mijn twitter is https://twitter.com/_secret en mijn email is: so-frutiy{at}hotmail{dot}com


Anoniem zei

i'm interested in this giveway but i have one doubt.let's imagine it's an international reader who wins this. you will have to sent the ring to his country right? who's gonna pay that? you or the reader? thank you !

Lavinia zei

Wow! Amazing blog, you go girl <3
Personal email: Lavinada@gmail.com
Blogs email: GlittersDoughnuts@gmail.com
Lots of loves! XX

Anoniem zei

Wow, love it!

Sofie zei

Prachtige ring!!

Tessa zei

Fantastische blog! Deze actie is gewoon het einde, als ik win doe ik maandenlang een vreugdedans of zo! :)

e-mail: tessadhaene@hotmail.com

Adelleda zei

Great blog keep up the good work!

Tess zei

Ik doe mee! Super!

Malu S♥ zei

Fantastische giveaway! I'm in:D

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