23 november 2012

NEW IN | Fringe ankle boots

Long time no see! I was very busy (working fulltime now) so I haven't got much time to blog but I really wanted to show you guys these booties which just came in. I ordered them one week ago at New Look and ordering shoes online is always a risk. You don't know how it will fit in real life. I just ordered my own size (size 6) en luckily they fit perfectly. I think these fringe ankle booties will go nicely with bare legs, shorts, and a denim blouse but it's now going to be winter so I have to wait haha! I think they go also nicely with some light coloured pair of jeans but I forgot I don't have any light coloured jeans so I have to buy them.. I'm just so smart. Till then, they will stand at a lovely place in my closet.

19 september 2012


Since I have more spare time now (I'll tell you guys the story later), I thought, perhaps I should be doing more sport. I don't like going to the gym because it's a bit to far from home for me and I think I'm too lazy to go to the gym somehow. From now on I try to run three times a week. I think buying new running wear makes it a lot more fun to run and it's a great motive as well. Since I'm a newbie in this sporty aspect, I ordered some budgetproof clothes from H&M and Zalando. When I decide to run permanently, I will buy some clothes and shoes which are made of better quality. But for now, I'm happy with my running wear! At H&M, I bought a running thights and a fleece jacket for when it gets colder. At Zalando, I ordered some running shoes from Asics. They look horrible but I'm saving money for the Nike Lunarglide (the white/neon one)!


18 september 2012


Yesterday I was bored and hungry so I looked up on the internet for some cookies which was easy to make. I have made the most delicious cookies ever!! I made some M&M cookies, yummy! It's very simple to make and it only takes a few minutes. I think everyone has these ingredients at home so if you want some delicous M&M cookies.. It was so yummy that I forgot to make pictures of it haha! Here is what I have used:

The ingredients for 20/25 cookies:

175 grams of self-rising flour
125 grams of unsalted butter
100 grams of (dark) brown caster sugar
1 egg
50 grams of M&M's (or what you prefer)

1. Set your oven on 180 Celsius degrees. Make sure the unsalted butter is on room temperature. You can also melt it a little in the microwave. Mix the (melted) butter, brown sugar and the egg together untill it's smoothly mixed.

2. Pour the flour little by little in the bowl with your mixture of butter, sugar and the egg. You can use your hands if you want. I used a wooden spatula. I noticed my mixture was a little 'soft' and sticky so I have poured a little more flour to it.

3. If you have mixed it together and well, then you have to make little balls. Put them on your baking sheet. Take a big spoon and press on the balls to make them nice flat and round. Press your M&M's in it and it's ready for the oven!

4. Now comes the worst part. You have to wait 20 minutes :( but then you can enjoy your delicous homemade M&M cookies! Good luck! :D

- Cindy
31 augustus 2012


This beautiful collage is made by one of my favourite Polyvore members, deborarosa. So all the credits goes to her! I love how she managed to combine the colors, words and photos. I love the whole atmosphere in this collage. Definitely my style! You should check out her Polyvore because she has a lot more fashion collages. She really inspires me. I wish I could make collages like these but I'm not very creative I think. Oh well, maybe I should practice more haha!

The Camo jacket trend had made its comeback! You see this jacket everywhere.. On fashion blogs, in magazines and in the (web)shops. It's one of the trends of this fall. I really love the combination between the camo jacket and the amazing Isabel Marant boots. You can easily combine this look with a black top or dress and a huge shopper of course. It's an edgy but feminine look which I LOVE! The camo jacket from Topshop is now on my fall wishlist <3


27 augustus 2012


Topshop order

Yesterday I did an order at Topshop after I saw these two lovely tops! I really love the peplum top because of its beautiful embellished collar and I needed a simple loose grey top which I could combine with my white blazer. I used a discountcode for 10% off (It's NOT a promotioncode). It's actually a student discount so you need to fill it in at the NUS-code at the checkout! You can use this discountcode multiple times. I thought maybe you guys didn't know so here it is! :)

The discountcode for 10% off: 000110204006800

- Cindy
25 augustus 2012

Favourite | TV SHOWS

I follow a lot of American television shows as you might know so I thought, maybe I should make a blogpost about it. I have made my top 5 with a little explaination. So if you're bored, watch one of these (or more) haha!

TVD is absolutely my all time favourite show! I can watch it about 10 times without getting bored (I've already watched it 4 times..). At first I thought it was like Twilight or something but it isn't. The story is SO good and I love, love, love the flashbacks to the 1870s and 1920s and the love triangle of course. There are a lot of curses, mythical theories and it's such so supernaturel. It's about a two vampire brothers who fall in love with the same girl but this girl is a doppelganger of someone these two vampire have known in the past. Werewolves, friendship, love, betrayal.. yeah I love this show!

The most mysterious and scary show ever! The first time when I watched it, I was like.. Ok, I like it but not like-like it and by that I mean, I would only watch it if I was bored haha. But it's only the first episode because after that it gets really freaky. I think this show is really unique and the story.. ugh so good! It's about four girls who's friend died and since then they are getting messages from a person called 'A' who knows all their secrets. I love the tension between everyone and I REALLY want to know who this 'A' person is. Oh, the suspence..

The show is created by the producers of the Vampire Diaries so it's a really good show I thought. It's about witches who are trying to understand who they really are and that cause a lot of drama. It's also a pretty freaky show haha. It's such a bummer that CW didn't renewed this show for a second season so there's only a season one but it's really worth the watch.

When I saw a promo on the Dutch television about this show, it seemed really interesting to watch. I've never seen a show like this before so it really caught my attention. I couldn't wait for three more weeks before it premiered on the Dutch television so I watched it online at tv-links.eu (the best links there!). This show is about two girls who are switched at birth, obviously.. But one grows up in a wealthy neighborhood and the other one not and caught an infection and unfortunately, she went deaf. So guys, I also recommend this one!

My friend recommended this show so I HAD to watch it because everything she watched is good haha. It's about a girl who's father got in prison when she was little. Now she's older and wants to filtrate in a high class society to take revenge. It's a great drama show (haven't I said that I LOVE drama movies and shows?). I'm now at episode 7 and I loved it so far!

Oh and I CAN'T wait untill the premiere of the Carrie Diaries, the prequel of Sex and the City! I'm so excited that AnnaSophia Robb is going to play the younger Carrie because I loved her in The Bridge to Terbithia. This show is about Carrie Bradshaw in her senior year of high school in the early 1980s. Thrilled to see the clothes she's going to wear and of course the whole story. The Carrie Diaries will premiere this January (still 4 months to go..).

- Cindy

24 augustus 2012

TRAVEL | Portugal, Albufeira 2012

Ok, it has been a while ago when I went to Portugal for 8 days but I wanted to make a blogpost of it because I have a lot to tell you guys. I don't know why people would read this but okay. If you've never travelled alone with your friend then read my experience and advices haha!

I went to Albufeira with a good friend of mine. A few days before we got to go, we received a message saying that we have to flight at 04:00 in the morning/night, whatever. Worst flight time ever! Oh and by the way, we went with this youth travel agency, Beachmasters. We found out that we had to flight with Corendon, a Turkish flight agency and that we had to be at the airport three hours before the flight. Finally, we were there two hours before the actual flight. At first, we didn't know where to go and by that I mean, the Corendon check-in and find the right gate. Eventually, we found it and we went to get some coffee (and tea) at Starbucks and we sat there untill we got to go. After the second check-in, we had to wait more.. When we finally were in the plane, we discovered that we didn't sat next to each other! So guys, don't forget to ask at the check-in desk if you could sit together with your friend. When we sat in the plane, I was to lazy to stand up and use the restroom but my advice is, if you need to use the restroom, GO! Because when I needed to use the restroom, the stewardess came from both sides with food and drinks so I had to wait (luckily for me I sat right in the MIDDLE of the plane.. NOT!). After 20 minutes, the stewardess went back to there place and I thought I could go now. Suddenly, the pilot said the we had some turbulence and that we have to sit and wait untill that small light with the belt on it turned off.. Gosh, the worst minutes of my life. I thought I died.

After 3 hours we arrived in Faro, the largest airport in Portugal which is 40 minutes away from Albufeira. Our plane was the first plane that arrived at the airport that day (06:00 am). When we stepped out of the plane, there was a bus waiting for us which took us to the airport where we could pick up our luggage. After waiting and waiting, I thought my luggage was lost but after 20 minutes, I saw my luggage, yay! Okay, after that we were like, so.. what now? We decided to follow everyone and at the exit we had to look for someone with a Beachmasters sign but my contacts were not at its best because of the long night and my friend didn't have her glasses on so we looked like zombies while looking for the sign haha! I was like, I think I see there something blue.. And luckily, it was the right guy. Now comes the best part, we had to drag our luggage outside to a yellow bus which was pretty far away. I had a stupid, old luggage which hadn't a handle. I tried to roll that frickin' thing but it didn't want to move straight! So frustating!! My second advice is, buy a trolley. When we almost were at the bus, my friend suddenly said, we could also use a cart.. Then we decided to go back (including my stupid no-handle luggage) and put our luggage on the cart haha. A couple minutes later, we almost sat in the bus (with other Beachmasters people) and suddenly we heard it was the wrong bus! But eventually we sat in the right bus which took us to our apartment Vilanova Resort in the new-town Albufeira.

Wow, poofy playsuit haha!

When we were at our lobby I discovered one of my four mini wheels of my luggage was gone.. That's why it didn't want to move straight. The way to our apartment was also an adventure haha. The stones were like the ones in Amsterdam, small little stones with large space in between.. A nightmare for me because I had to drag my three-wheel-luggage over it while the 35 celsius sun was hitting on me haha. Suddenly, a Portugese guy helped me out who I am very thankful for!

Anyways, our apartment looked great! It was really big because we booked a four-person apartment. After that we went to the lobby where we had to gather for the Beachmasters welcome meeting. They told us about what you could do in Albufeira with Beachmasters. We decided to go for the normal party package and Beachmasters card for €50,-. We got a schedule of the week and after that, we went to the beach which was pretty far walking (and heavy!). We had to go down the hill which was okay, but a little slippery because Portugese people clean their sidewalk/doorstep.. Weird right? The beach, Praia da Oura was wonderful! The rocks looked phenomenal! We chosed a place to lay down and in all of the sudden, a guy with long jeans (it was over 35 celsius on the beach) came to us, asking if we wanted to buy sunglasses.. Uhh.. I already had sunglasses on haha. After 5 minutes, another guy asked us if we wanted to buy sunglasses and we pretended that we were asleep but then we found out that we had to pay to lay on the beds on the beach. That was pretty embarrasing but funny though. We decided to leave and check-out the Strip. It's a famous street which is named after the Strip in Las Vegas because of the big neon light boards at night. During day time you can't see much of it but at night it looks amazing!

The first night we went to a lounge bar which looked very Greek, very beautiful. There were live performances and we had some delicious cocktails. After that we went to check out the Strip which was so much fun!! I don't know if you have this anywhere else but you get free shots at every club/bar. There were also lots of English people in Albufeira who celebrated their bachelor party, which was really fun to watch because one time, we saw this group and everybody was dressed up like a superhero! The second night we went to old-town Albufeira with the Beachmasters and GoFun people. Every bar looked like the ones in new town Albufeira but in old-town you have more Dutch bars. The third night we went to the Dutch night which was in a Dutch bar, obviously. In the beginning they gave me a weird plastic bag, I thought it for when you needed to throw up haha but it was to protect your phone and camera against water if you'd go to see the dolphins the next day. I didn't like the Dutch music much but it was very nice because you got two drinks if you order one. The fourth night was the Cocktail Flirt party in the Slam Café which was also a fun night. The fifth night was actually the bar-hopping night at the Strip but we already went there every night so we decided to go to the beach, talked with some weird people haha and went back to the Strip. I'll spare you the rest of the week and details!

Another thing that we noticed was that we didn't had an air conditioning!! We thought we had one, but when my friend turned it on, there came a horrible musty smell and warm air out of it. After three days (don't ask me why) we went to the reception and asked what it was and the lady said it was a HEATER! Why the hell do you need a heater in Albufeira?! Only the new apartments have an AC so we got three fans. Secondly, we noticed that the door of the bathroom didn't close well and I saw it was because there was a hinge missing. We went to the reception, saying that we haven't broke it and so on. The lady said it was okay and she's going to send someone to fix it. But two days later we found a bill/letter on our table with €100,- on it so we thought it was a mistake or something. The day before we went back to Holland, we got a note saying we have to go to the reception. Finally there, we heard we had to pay €50,- for that stupid hinge which we didn't even break! After a big discussion, we paid €25,-..

Oh well, that didn't ruin our great and sunny holiday!! We have had a great time and Portugal is a beautiful country. The next time no apartment for me because we were both to lazy to cook haha. The way back home went quite smooth, except for the whole luggage problem. Hoped you enjoyed reading it because it's a lot. Oh and I didn't bring my SLR with me because I was scared that it would be stolen so I'm very sorry for the blurry pictures. Perhaps I should do a vlog or something the next time!

What I have learned:
1. Check your apartment before everything.
2. If you need to use the restroom, GO!
3. Buy a trolley.
4. Portugese man shave their legs.
5. Portugese police men feel like machos.
6. Most Portugese food is coming out of a tin.
7. In Portugal you have to throw your toilet paper in a trashcan. (Gross!)
8. Portugese people clean their part of sidewalk every morning.
9. Bring enough cash with you because nobody uses a money card in Albufeira.
10. You get free shots.

- Cindy
23 augustus 2012

TAG | Before I die

I was checking out some blogs and I bumped into this tag and I immediately thought I should do one too. So here it is! It's very simple, just look for (some) pictures on sites like Weheartit, Pinterest or Tumblr which are tagged with 'Before I die' and place them on your blog :-) Obviously, you pick the ones which are relevant and thus what you would like to do before you die. You can see that I really would want to travel around the world and visit places haha!

Please feel free to do this tag as well and leave a link of the blogpost behind in the comments :D

- Cindy

FOR SALE | Mango Fetish Sandals (SOLD)

Well hello you guys! I got these well known strappy sandal yesterday but unfortunately, they are a little too big for me.. It's such a bummer because I already thought about what I should combine these heels with :'(. I know these sandals are out of stock now in the Mango webshop so I thought, perhaps I could make someone else happy with it so it's for sale now! The heels are actually new because the tags are still on it. Down below some specifications:

BRAND / Mango
SIZE / 39EU/6UK/8.5US
COLOR / Black
MATERIAL / Leather
SOLD FOR / €45,-

I ship internationally so if you're interested or you want to see more pictures, send me a mail (yourstrulycindy@gmail.com)!

- Cindy

7 augustus 2012

SHOES | Zara sandal with ankle strap

Last week I ordered these beauties at Zara. It was my first order there and I can say, I'm really pleased with the fast delivery. They arrived two days later! Normally, I hate to order shoes (and pants) online because I don't know if I would fit in it or not. Luckily, these heels fits me perfectly! It's true to size and they walk heavenly as well. I love the thick heel and the one strap so that it's still basic. I really can't wait to wear them :-)

You can order them here: CLICK!

12 juli 2012

NEW IN | Jewelry and aztec playsuits

Last week I went to Alkmaar to look for a lovely dress for my graduation. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one. So I thought perhaps there's something nice in my closet that I could wear so I headed home. I have only bought some jewelry at H&M cause I thought they were so beautiful! I bought a golden spikey necklace, a neon detailed necklace and a neon bracelet.
Perhaps you have seen in one of my previous blogposts that I ordered the aztec playsuit at New Look (on the right). I have had my thoughts about this one because the aztec print wasn't printed very well on it but I wore it on holiday and I really love it so I was very happy that I have ordered it! BTW, it's now out of stock so that gives me an extra good feeling haha. I bought the left one at Primark. At first, I didn't know which size I should take cause Primark sizes are very different. I was too lazy to go to the fitting room because there was a very long line of people waiting (as usual..). Finally, I decided to buy a size M and it fits me perfect! I love these playsuits. (For the Dutch people: Wie gaan er nog meer naar de Blogger Workshop van Zanox 18 juli? :-)

6 juli 2012

SOCIAL MEDIA | Instagram

Two months ago I bought my first iPhone. I wanted it for a very long time but my monthly plan wasn't over yet.. I really couldn't wait because I also wanted to post photos on Instagram and now it's possible! I post photos from everything haha, like food, travels and of course, fashion and beauty. So if you like, you can follow me. My insta-name is CindyNgn. If you don't have Instagram and you would like to see my photos, you can watch it here on Copygram! I am curious to see your instagram photos as well hihi, so put your name in the comments below so I can check it out!

17 juni 2012


Hi everyone! Long time no see.. I haven't blogged in about a month so I thought it was time for an update. The last few months was all about school. I'm in my last year of HAVO and also had my final exams. I'm luckily to say that I PASSED! I'm graduated yay! So now I'm working my ass off because I have a three month holiday. But don't worry, I'm also going to relax. In about a week I'm going to Albufeira which is in Portugal. I haven't been in Portugal before so I'm really excited. I'm going with a good friend of mine so I can't wait to lay there on the beach and of course, partying haha!
I ordered some items for my holiday. As you can see, I really love aztec! I think it's great for this summer, can't wait to wear it :-). The neon top and aztec playsuit are from New Look, the shorts and golden sandals from H&M FAA, the cropped top with bare shoulders and camel bag from Forever 21. I still need some new bikinis and dresses but I going to Amsterdam this Friday so I hope I will find some nice ones.
This is my little wishlist for this summer. I was a bit late with ordering stuff for the holiday so I hope that it won't be sold out as I come back from Portugal. The shorts with crochet details is from Topshop. The grey shorts with destroyed details is from Miss Selfridges. The oversized retro sunglasses, cute bikini with ruffles and ankle boots are from Asos. I can't wait to wear those boots with some nice shorts and bare tanned legs! Lastly, the neon necklace is from Zara. I also want some high low dresses and skirts (coral and beige/mauve) so if you know where you can buy it, please tell me!

8 mei 2012

EVENT | MET Gala 2012

Ashley Greene - DKNY / Dianna Agron - Carolina Herrera / Nina Dobrev - DKNY / Cameron Diaz - Stella McCartney

Yesterday evening was the annual MET Gala in New York. There was an exbihition between the Italian designers Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But even though Monday's gala honored Prada's and Elsa's work, other fashion houses turned out lots of good looks. These are my favorite looks!

4 mei 2012

AD | Hoe fashionable ben jij? Win shoptegoed t.w.v 250 euro!

Het is Merkenparade bij V&D! Dat betekent volop topmerken voor mooie prijzen. Om dat te vieren verloot V&D 250 euro shoptegoed onder haar Facebook-bezoekers. V&D wil graag weten hoe fashionable jij bent en wil je daarom onderwerpen aan een Fashiontest! Als een echte fashionista weet jij vast alles over fashion en merken, maar hoe fashionable ben jij? Ga naar de Facebook-pagina van V&D, test je Fashionkennis en maak kans op 250 euro shoptegoed!

/ Advertorial

19 april 2012

TREND | Neon


Neon has made its comeback! It's going to be the summer trend of 2012. I think neon makes things look very fresh and sophisticated. A few months ago, neon was already seen in fashion, like the Cambridge satchel bag which was and still is available in several neon colors. I have picked out some nice and wearable items which I would wear myself. If the head-to-toe electrified color isn't your thing, you can combine your clothes with neon accessoires. A white tee with some jeans will look great with a necklace with neon details, for example. What do you think of this bright color?


3 maart 2012

SHOPLOG | Zara + Primark

Last week I went to Zaandam and Amsterdam and I've found some really nice items for this spring! I went to Amsterdam with two fiends so I didn't bought much because we had so much fun that we didn't really pay attention to the "shopping" part. I bought in Amsterdam two tops at Zara, a loose top and a top with a print. I must say I'm a little disappointed in the spring collection of most shops, even shops like H&M and Monki. Anyways, I prefer online shopping much more though. At H&M I've only bought a lovely golden leaf bracelet. Of course I had to check out the new collection of Primark in Zaandam but it was so crowded (like always) and most of the clothes looked very cheap. Eventually I came home with two new tops, one pair of flower sandals and three necklaces!

ZARA / Loose top, top with print
H&M / Golden leaf bracelet
PRIMARK / Necklaces, sandals, lace top, beige blouse

22 februari 2012

BOOKS | The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is an amazing book trilogy which I have read in 4 days. I know. When I like something, I become obsessed with it so I have to read on. After reading the books, I recommended it to all my friends but they seem not very enthousatic about it, but I don't blame them because I was once one of them. At first I thought it was like Twilight or Harry Potter and I have had an other picture in mind when I read the synopsis (I didn't like the idea of futurism). But The Hunger Games is much more than that! It's about sacrificing, love, friendship, betrayal, power, justice, war..

The Hunger Games is an event which is organized once a year by the Capitol. The Capitol is a place where people live in wealth while the Districts live in poverty. Like I have said, it's a story which takes place in the future, in North-America to be exactly. North-America is now Panem. A land which is separated in twelve Districts. Each district has its own 'thing'. Like coal, luxury goods or electricity. Each year one girl and one boy from every District must participate the Hunger Games. On the Reaping day, all the girls and boys have to stand in front of the Justice Hall. That's the moment where someone from the Capitol picks a name out of each bowl. The principal is Katniss, a 16 years old girl from District 12 (the poorest District). She lives with her sister Primrose and her mother near the forest where she illegal hunts for her family. Her father died in a mine so she has to take care of her sister and mother. When Prims name drops at the Reaping, Katniss steps forward to volunteer as tribute. From then, the adventure has begun. Katniss discovers how cruel the Capitol is but she discovers other (great) things as well.

I RECOMMEND this book to you all!! I have to learn to stop prejudice something because mostly it turns out great (like Vampire Diaries..). There is also a movie made from the first book which premieres on 21 March in the theatres in the Netherlands. I'm so excited!! I have high expectations as well haha. But I have no doubt that it will be a bad movie because the trailer of the movie and soundtrack list looks great! Birdy, Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars, The Secret Sisters and much more has written a song for the movie. Oh, when you have read the books, you should definitely listen to this song from Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars. It's called Safe & Sound. It decribes the book in a nutshell and you can place the song in various scenes in the first book.

What are your thoughts? Have you read the trilogy as well?
22 januari 2012

And the winner is...

Since last month you could join my giveaway because of my second blog anniversary. I used random.org to pick one winner of my giveaway. Some of you didn't leave an email behind and didn't leave a link to their site or blog so I had to leave them out of the giveaway. Now, I would like to announced that the winner is..


Congratulations Mia, I will contact you by mail. For the others, don't be sad! There will be another giveaway soon! Have a great Sunday you guys :-)
3 januari 2012

WANTS | Online sale

In bijna elke webshop is nu sale dus zocht ik gisteravond naar leuke items dat ik niet per se nu nodig heb, maar toch wel handig is om te hebben. Vast wel herkenbaar. Ik moest me echt inhouden om niet bij de nieuwe collecties te kijken en het is gelukt hoor! Ik heb al een tijdje niets meer besteld bij de H&M aangezien de bestelling 9 van de 10 keer tegenvalt.. Het komt ook voor dat ik mijn bestelling in 4 delen ontvang! Toch heb ik in de sale van H&M zwarte croco ballerina's en een zwart shortje gevonden, wat erg leuk is voor de lente. Bij ASOS heb ik hele schattige mittens gezien. Ik denk niet dat de horrorwinter nog komt maar deze wanten zijn gewoon ZO leuk! Oh, en ik heb nog mooie nude heels gevonden met studs/spikes aan de achterkant van River Islands. Lastly, ik weet dat de feestdagen nu voorbij zijn en voor sommigen partydresses overbodig zijn, maar dit jurkje is zo mooi! Perfect voor een speciale gelegenheid toch? En dit jurkje is ook nog 's te vinden in de sale van Nelly. Even alles op een rijtje:

Zwarte croco ballerina's - H&M
Zwarte shortje met strik - H&M
Beige wanten - ASOS
Nude heels met studs/spikes - ASOS
Wit one shoulder dress - NELLY
1 januari 2012

OUTFIT | Burgundy and glitters

Yay! Dit is mijn eerste post van 2012. Ik hoop dat iedereen een fijne jaarwisseling heeft gehad want ik had dat zeker! Voor dit jaar heb ik nog niet echt een voornemen aangezien ik me er toch nooit aanhoud óf ik stel het meestal uit tot het nieuwe jaar.. Nu ik erover nadenk, misschien heb ik toch wel een voornemen; ik hoop namelijk dat ik slaag voor mijn examens. Misschien hebben jullie wel gemerkt dat ik nu mijn blogpost in het Nederlands typ. Op 'n één of andere manier lijkt het een stuk spontaner als ik schrijf in het Nederlands in plaats van Engels.

Vorige week donderdag bracht ik weer 's een dagje door in Amsterdam. Eigenlijk was mijn doel om een leuk oud en nieuw outfit te scoren maar ik kwam thuis met een nieuwe trui, blouse en heel veel nagellakjes. Heb nog in de Zara gekeken omdat er sale was, maar dat wekte alleen maar teleurstellingen op. Niets leuks gezien en uiteindelijk kocht ik een blouse uit de nieuwe collectie.. Uitverkoop in winkels is dus echt niets voor mij. Ik vind het veel fijner om online in de sale te kijken en de drang om iets uit de nieuwe collectie te kopen, is net iets minder.

Vandaag had ik eindelijk zin én tijd om een outfit foto te schieten, werkt het weer niet mee. Binnen is de verlichting ook erg slecht dus ik besloot maar om het zo te doen. De burgundy-kleurige trui is van Vero Moda, de waxed pants is van de Zara, de bekende Ambush schoenen zijn van Topshop en de sieraden zijn van Primark. Aangezien ik me vandaag verveelde, heb ik mijn nagels een nieuw kleurtje gegeven! Het is een lakje van Essence met miljoenen gouden glitters (Make it golden).

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