25 augustus 2012

Favourite | TV SHOWS

I follow a lot of American television shows as you might know so I thought, maybe I should make a blogpost about it. I have made my top 5 with a little explaination. So if you're bored, watch one of these (or more) haha!

TVD is absolutely my all time favourite show! I can watch it about 10 times without getting bored (I've already watched it 4 times..). At first I thought it was like Twilight or something but it isn't. The story is SO good and I love, love, love the flashbacks to the 1870s and 1920s and the love triangle of course. There are a lot of curses, mythical theories and it's such so supernaturel. It's about a two vampire brothers who fall in love with the same girl but this girl is a doppelganger of someone these two vampire have known in the past. Werewolves, friendship, love, betrayal.. yeah I love this show!

The most mysterious and scary show ever! The first time when I watched it, I was like.. Ok, I like it but not like-like it and by that I mean, I would only watch it if I was bored haha. But it's only the first episode because after that it gets really freaky. I think this show is really unique and the story.. ugh so good! It's about four girls who's friend died and since then they are getting messages from a person called 'A' who knows all their secrets. I love the tension between everyone and I REALLY want to know who this 'A' person is. Oh, the suspence..

The show is created by the producers of the Vampire Diaries so it's a really good show I thought. It's about witches who are trying to understand who they really are and that cause a lot of drama. It's also a pretty freaky show haha. It's such a bummer that CW didn't renewed this show for a second season so there's only a season one but it's really worth the watch.

When I saw a promo on the Dutch television about this show, it seemed really interesting to watch. I've never seen a show like this before so it really caught my attention. I couldn't wait for three more weeks before it premiered on the Dutch television so I watched it online at tv-links.eu (the best links there!). This show is about two girls who are switched at birth, obviously.. But one grows up in a wealthy neighborhood and the other one not and caught an infection and unfortunately, she went deaf. So guys, I also recommend this one!

My friend recommended this show so I HAD to watch it because everything she watched is good haha. It's about a girl who's father got in prison when she was little. Now she's older and wants to filtrate in a high class society to take revenge. It's a great drama show (haven't I said that I LOVE drama movies and shows?). I'm now at episode 7 and I loved it so far!

Oh and I CAN'T wait untill the premiere of the Carrie Diaries, the prequel of Sex and the City! I'm so excited that AnnaSophia Robb is going to play the younger Carrie because I loved her in The Bridge to Terbithia. This show is about Carrie Bradshaw in her senior year of high school in the early 1980s. Thrilled to see the clothes she's going to wear and of course the whole story. The Carrie Diaries will premiere this January (still 4 months to go..).

- Cindy

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My Scrambled Style zei

The Carrie Diaries lijkt met tof. Ik kan niet wachten ;-)


Marlyssa zei

Dit zijn zulke handige posts! Nieuwe series ontdekken, heerlijk. En ik kan ook niet wachten op The Carrie Diaries

Merel zei

Oh ik hou van PLL! Leuke blog heb je! Kus

beautyforgirls zei

Owww, ik ben helemaal fan van de Pretty Little Liars.
Liefs, xxx

Roxanne zei

Switched at birth en Revenge lijken mij echt leuke series! Ik ga ze (als ik tijd heb) ook eens bekijken denk haha. Leuke en handige post :)!

Anoniem zei

I love the Vampire Diaries, am a true follower since the beginning. Same story for The Secret Circle. I really liked this show, was quite shocked finding out there wasn't going to be a second season, when it ended with such a cliffhanger!

Caroline PickmeanOutfit zei

Mijn favoriet is op het moment ook absoluut vampire diaries, maar ik kan ook nooit genoeg krijgen van Sex and the City!
xoxo Caroline
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Ik kan echt niet wachten om de Carries Diaries te zien!
We hebben precies dezelfde smaak qua series :-)
Heb je the Lying Game al gezien?

xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

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