23 november 2012

NEW IN | Fringe ankle boots

Long time no see! I was very busy (working fulltime now) so I haven't got much time to blog but I really wanted to show you guys these booties which just came in. I ordered them one week ago at New Look and ordering shoes online is always a risk. You don't know how it will fit in real life. I just ordered my own size (size 6) en luckily they fit perfectly. I think these fringe ankle booties will go nicely with bare legs, shorts, and a denim blouse but it's now going to be winter so I have to wait haha! I think they go also nicely with some light coloured pair of jeans but I forgot I don't have any light coloured jeans so I have to buy them.. I'm just so smart. Till then, they will stand at a lovely place in my closet.

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