2 maart 2016


Hello there again! I decided to write this blogpost in English so that other people (like my flatmates) can read it too (if they would like to). Well, where to begin.. Tuesday 16 February me and my two flatmates Clara and Skylar went to London for a day. The weather was so nice! Blue skies and sun all day, even though it was still cold. At 8.30 am we left our flat to get the bus to Brighton Station. It was a hard job to get the train tickets actually. We wanted to buy a rail pass which costs 30 pounds and it allows you to get 1/3 off the train and bus fares throughout the UK, but we didn't know we had to hand in a passport photo at the ticket office so one of my flatmate went to the photo booth to take a photo but I was too lazy to do that so I just bought the normal return ticket to London Victoria which was 28 pounds and that was the off peak ticket.. So imagine how much you'll have to pay for the peak ticket (much more pricy then train tickets in Holland by the way). Okay I wish I had bought the rail card though, but I will tell you more about it later. The train left at 9.20 am and it took an hour to get to London Victoria. Firstly we went to Buckingham Palace, which is a 10 minute walk from the train station. I have never been there before and I really loved to see the building and the fountains. From Buckingham Palace we walked to Westminster Abbey and the Big Ben. From the other side of the river we took some pictures of the London Eye. We didn't go in the London Eye actually but next time I will definitely go in there!

 This was near London Victoria. Ahh I just love London a lot more when the
weather is nice and sunny!

There it is.. Buckingham Palace! The building was huge and I love the golden details on the fence.

 A selfie in front of Westminster Abbey!

Then we took the metro to London Bridge. Biggest mistake ever.. Lol joke but it was really disappointing. I thought the London Bridge was a big thing but there was nothing special about it.. It was just a bridge like any other. So we decided to go to a restaurant to grab something to eat. We walked through Borough Market but a lot of shops were closed on Tuesday and it was too cold to eat outside so my flatmate yelped for a place to eat fish and chips. After a long walk we ended up in The Trinity (a pub close too Borough underground). My flatmates ordered fish and chips but I decided to go for a chicken and avocado (I am a huge avocado lover) sandwich with french fries. That was really yummy. Then we went to the Tower Bridge! I loved the walking route to get there because you can walk along the Tower of London. The Tower Bridge was so pretty and loved the blue details on the bridge. After that we grabbed some coffee (well only me) but that was the most disgusting latte I have ever tasted in my life. It tasted like warm milk with a few drops of coffee.. Okay then we took the subway to Trafalgar Square. We got there at around six so the sun was going down. That was such a pretty sight. From there we walked to Piccadilly Circus and we accidentally stumbled upon the M&M World Store. We saw a lot of people walking around with those yellow M&M bags so we were joking about it the whole time and suddenly the store was right in front of us. The M&M store was like madness. There were so many people inside and ughh the smell is amazing (if you like chocolate). It was time for a break so we went to Cafe Nero in Regent Street. I went for a red velvet cake (my fav) en a hot chocolate which tasted amazing! Then we decided to go home because we were all so tired. And then I realized something so stupid. In the morning when we arrived at London Victoria you had to put your train ticket in a machine so the doors will open but I didn't get my ticket back but at that moment I was like okay weird whatever.. But I didn't realize that I bought the return so I had to get my ticket back. So when we headed back home I had to buy a new, single ticket to Brighton. That was a big joke because I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money.. It costed me 27 pounds for a single ticket.. I paid almost for the same amount of money as for the return ticket. I should have bought the rail pass in the morning. Me and my stupid actions. Okay but except for that I had an amazing day in London and I really want to go back soon because we forgot to visit Kings Cross station, Nottinghill, Oxford Street and a lot more other places..

So that was my trip to London. The following day I had class from 9 am till 3 pm. In the evening I didn't feel really well so I went to bed early. Then I got really sick. My throat was hurting, my head was pounding and my temperature raised a bit so I couldn't do anything for a week really. I was one of the last person in my flat who got sick so yeah I was trying to prevent that by eating a lot of vegetables and fruit but unfortunately it didn't help. Monday I felt a bit better to do some grocery shopping because I ran out of food. When I got back I went straight to bed. Tuesday I went to the city centre with my German flatmate Jacky. We went to the Brighton Pier because she hasn't been there yet and the walked through the Lanes. Then we took a coffee break at Cloud 9, a super cute pink cafe in the North Lanes with the most delicious looking cupcakes! I went for a chocolate cake which was so good. In the evening I watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars. I have still to catch up on a few episodes.. Oops. Saturday evening we celebrated the birthday of one of my flatmates at Phoenix campus (in the city centre) which was really fun. Their kitchen is amazing, with an cooking island, couches and a flatscreen tv.. I am so jealous! Then we went out at Shooshh, a club at the seaside. Sunday we had breakfast/lunch/brunch (I don't know what it was haha) at The Breakfast Club in the south Lanes. According to my flatmate it is one of the best places to have some breakfast in Brighton and I can confirm that now. Mostly there is a queue in front of The Breakfast Club because it is so popular that people have to wait to be seated. Luckily we didn't have to wait for that long. I couldn't decide what to eat because the pancakes seemed so nice but in the mornings I prefer some eggs and avocado so I ordered a salmon and scrambled eggs on toast with avocado on the side and a glass of cold pressed orange juice. The food was amazing and I was so full so I could not order a stack of pancakes :( Two other girls ordered some pancakes and I needed some coffee so I ordered a cappuccino and we stayed there until 4 pm. The thing that made The Breakfast Club special was their music because they played different genres, from Disney music to 80s music! Loved it. Then we went back home to recover from the night before. 

I love this carrousel at the Brighton Pier!
 The remains of the West Pier. It burned off in 19 something..
I bought some macarons at Julien Plumart in the South Lanes. I got the flavours: pistache, vanilla, salted caramel, strawberry and violet and I forgot the rest haha. They were amazing!
 How cute is this pink cafe?
 I went for a chocolate cake and a macchiato. Look how small my macchiato was! (on the right)
Look at their selection of cupcakes.. Ahh I want it all.

Well, I will stop the post here because it is so long right now. Next week I will give you an other update! I am still busy with editing the vlog of my first week in Brighton but I am almost done so keep an eye on my Youtube channel. Thanks for reading and see you next time :)

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